Texarkana Church of God, International

Welcome to the Texarkana Congregation

of the

Church of God, International


14 thoughts on “Texarkana Church of God, International

  1. Wonderful first step, i’ll be checking back soon.

  2. Wow……..love this webpage 🙂

  3. happy Sabbath to All from Australia


  5. To those thar have not hear that Bro. Ron Elkins Wife Clara have pass about a hr.ago no othe Ifo as of now.

  6. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you all

  7. Looking for a Church that believes in the true Sabbath of God and supports the Holy Days not the holidays.

    • Yes Kenneth,
      We keep the Seventh day Sabbath and the 7 Holy Day listed in the Bible. You are welcome to attend.
      1324 Walnut St. Texarkana, Texas 11:00 AM Bible Study, Services 12:30 PM

  8. I can not quite understand. Are you keeping the 7th day Sabbath as in Saturday or the 7th day on the lunar calendar?

  9. What time will you hold the Passover service Saturday April 19

    • We will have a Passover service (Bread, Wine,Foot washing) at Sunset on Thursday.
      Friday evening the 19th we will have a Passover Meal about 6:30 pm
      On Sabbath the 20th First Day of Unleavened Bread Service will begin at 12:30 PM.
      (Bible Study at 11:00 AM)

      Hope that helps. Also, Friday the 26th Last Day of Unleavened Bread Service will begin at 12:30 PM.
      (Bible Study at 11:00 am)
      Same Schedule for the weekly Sabbaths.
      Your welcome to attend.
      We meet at 1324 Walnut Street in Texarkana Texas.

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